Ben, my beautiful pet rat

by Michael

I first saw him when I went to a market with my dad. He was in a small container and he was the last rat there. He only cost 5 dollars and I bought him. I named him Ben, I was only 13 at the time. He had a good life. I fed him very well, played with him all the time, kissed him, cuddled him. One day his breathing was abnormal, he wasn't eating or drinking and he was crying a lot. My dad didn't want to pay $200 for a vet to help a rat that only cost $5. When I came home from school, there he was at the bottom of the cage, eyes wide open. Frozen Stiff. I couldn't believe it. I lost him now at the age of 15. My best friend, my companion in life, gone. I wish that he could live forever.

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