Gone But Never Forgotten- Phoebe

by Megan
(New Jersey)

About a year and a half ago, I got my two little rats, both girls, phoebe and piper, sisters. I got them for my 15th birthday. They were the best present I ever got. Always wanting to come out, always wanting to play, always wanting a snack, always wanting to cuddle. I knew rats have a short life span, but I didn't expect the time to fly by so quickly. Today, early this morning, (March 8, 2014) I lost my sweet phoebe. The previous day she was at the vet due to a sudden and aggressive sickness. It turned out to be a type of pneumonia most rats carry in their systems since they are babies. I cannot describe how much sorrow it has brought me. Her and piper were the best pets I ever had, and now poor phoebe is gone. The vet gave us antibiotics and nebulizer treatments and I had to feed her through a syringe. She perked up a bit last night, so my hopes got up. I set an alarm for midnight so i could do her nebulizer treatment again. She seemed a little worse at that time, but I had faith in her that she could pull through. I set an alarm for 8 am to get up and give her medicine, and found that she had passed. I feel like it's my fault. That I should've checked on her during the night more. I feel stupid, helpless even. It's awful. I wouldn't wish this kind of pain on anyone. Finding her this morning, cold and stiff, was the worst moment of my entire life. I have been crying all day. I don't think she would want me to be like this, but it's extremely hard. I still can't believe I have to let go. We are burying her tomorrow, and it will be so heart wrenching knowing I will never get to see her again until we meet in heaven. Writing this helped, so if you are going through the same thing, I advise sharing your story. I will never forget my phoebe, as she touched my heart more than any other animal could. Rest in peace phoebe, I will always love you.

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