Classy Russian Blue Rats!

Exotic gray blue of blue cats.

This deep blue slate gray of Russian blue rats is darker than typical blue or even steel blue. It is a blue gray that matches the rich tint seen in cats, rabbits, and mice.

The first Russian blue rats were initially called “Mouse Blue” for this reason.

Official Description:
“Color to be similar to the blue mice or blue cats, a very dark slate blue color with dark ticking throughout. Eyes black.” (AFRMA standard - American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association)

“Ticking” refers to the way the color varies along the shaft of each hair. The blue pigment is unevenly scattered up and down each individual hair, ending with the most color at the tip. The light speckling gives the coat an elegant metallic sheen.

Russian Blue ~ A deep rich ghosty blue!

Velvety Texture!
If you're looking for soft and snuggly, the Russian blue rat might be just the rat for you. Their coats are often short, thick & very plush to the touch.

Rex rats and Velvet rats are even softer, but the Russian blue isn't far behind. This probably has to do with the fact that the first Russian blue rats had a Velvet rat dad.

While they don't quite have a true velvet coat, Russian blues tend to have a wonderful downy softness.

Hints for Showing...
If you want to get Russian blue rats for showing, choose rats with an even color throughout their coat. No hints of brown. And absolutely no white spots. This will get them disqualified.

You won't have to worry about their coat looking dingy as the slate blue gray doesn't show dirt. You'll only need to wash their tail before a show.

If you do want to give your beauties a bath, make sure to do it a week before showtime. This gives time for their natural oils to return. That magical metallic sheen will glisten!

Breeding a Rainbow of Blues!
To get Russian blue rats, you will need two rats that carry only the recessive Russian blue gene. But - and this is very fun - if you breed your Russian blue to most any other color of rat, you're sure to come up with a whole range of blue shades.

Temperament: Quite charming & clean.

As with any of us, rat personalities vary depending on their upbringing and natural tendencies. If you were showered with love as a kid, you would probably feel more confident as you grew up, finding it easier to try new things and enjoy yourself.

Same with rats. If they get handled and cuddled as rat pups (between the crucial 2-4 week age), then they won't even know there's a difference between humans and their other rat buddies!

Some rats are more energetic, some more laid back. Some love water, others are terrified.

You can expect any rat to grow to love you immensely. We find that our rats, no matter what their history, have all decided we're pretty neat.

Even our snake rescue girl melts into a relaxed blob as she snuggles down under one of our chins.

Plan on your rats being neat freaks. They clean themselves continually. And plan to be surprised. These little guys are so curious & inventive. You're sure to have stories to tell!

So how do I choose my pet rats?

We put health at the top of the list! A healthy rat will really be able to let her personality shine. Check out our Guide to Buy Pet Rats for more information.

Can't decide which Fancy Pet Rats are for you?

There are so many varieties to explore. Enjoy searching through the fancy pet rat list:


I was looking for a cute pet rat photo and found this one. Perfect little Valentines! Jaya & Lacey just happened to be cuddling and their snuggling bodies make a heart shape. I'd love to see everyone else's cool rat images!
~by Madison
(Silver Falls, Oregon)

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Quick Tip...

Rats are happiest with a rat buddy. Buy rats in pairs!