Alvin, Simon, theodor

by richard
(haverhill England)

October 2012 I was given three boy rats who became my best friends. Beginning of 2012 my partner after 16 years left and took our daughter with her. 3 months later my dad died which was the final straw and I completely feel apart .when I got my rats my daughter named them after the chip monks (don’t think I can ever watch them again). I used to play with them rolling a ball round the dinning room and them chasing it them each other .they all had learnt there names and came when called.they used to have free range in lounge and dinning rooms and we’re good at going back in there cage to the loo.simon became my favourite quickly as he would sit on the soffa with me or lay like a small dog legs out behind him and front paws in front with his head on them on the arm of the settie almost as if watching the TV. The three of them soon became my family and best friends.I’d talk to them , they would have breakfast with me .in Easter 2013 I walk past there cage and only two sat watching me simon lay at the back of the cage .this was strange so I tapped the cage and he did nothing I got him out and he was warm and floppy no breathing.all the loss and pain came back again that day I hadn’t lost a pet I lost my friend .it took months for me to get over him. Alivin and Theodor were stressed as well they spent days hunting round the rooms looking or following old sents of simon it was sad and upseting.
Few days before simon had managed to get on a bookshelf by climbing on a chair. Alvin and theodor were going crazy trying to get on this shelf and I didn’t work it out till I remembered having to get Simon of it .I moved the chair and they both hunted round the shelf then were OK .
End of September 2014 .Theodor get I’ll one nice no energy no the he was floppy I sat up all nite with him .I took my daugalhter to school got back and he had past away .I was so sad he had gone.
25th Oct 2014 my real best rat friend died at 2.45am.I woke to a sound in his cage he was laying there I got him out and he had blood coming from nose and mouth .I’m really miserable will writing this he has been gone 4 hours .I feel empty and sick .I held him for an hour and still can’t believe my little friend is gone and when my daughter wakes up iv got to let her no which will really upset her as she still gets upset over Theodor.untill having rats I never knew how friendly they are and how comforting companios they are .Alvin and theodar would sit behind me and clean me and groom my hair a strange feeling but nice knowing I was part of there family and hope I didn’t bore them to much talking about my problems.I wish my Alvin was still with me.

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