Baby, I miss you soooo much! <3

by Carolina
(Ljubljana, Slovenia)

So my rat passed away yesterday afternoon at about 4pm. I’ve been crying for 5 hours straight and I don’t know how to deal with that, seriously. When I saw him, laying on the ground of his cage with open eyes, staring directly at me, I was so shocked, I wasn’t able to cry at first. But after a few minutes tears just started falling harder and harder and I couldn’t stop. I was cuddling him in my arms, apologizing for not being with him in his last minutes and for not giving him much attention in the last few months, because I thought he wasn’t in the mood. And when it was finally time, I put him in the box and carried him to the woods. I burried him next to a tree near my favourite stream in the middle of the glade. During digging his grave, I’ve had him on my lap, because I though he’d feel safer and warmer. When I finally decided to put him in the grave, I told him that he was the best rat ever and that nobody could replace him for the last time and threw dirt all over him. I made him a special sign on top of his grave. I really hope he’s in a better place now, I gave him the nicest life possible, he was never hungry, never thirsty, always running around on my bed, crawling on my shoulders and arms and cuddling with me and other family members. We all loved him, but I loved him the most. It’s really hard to lose someone you’re attached to this much, but life will sooner or later end for all of us. Just a shame it was you, my blue eyed fighter. Forever in our hearts. <3

Eros, 4.1.2012 (6 months old) – 20.2.2014 (2,5 years old) <3

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