Big guy

by Emilee
(Illinois )

This is big guy. He is a light brown and white fancy rat.

When I walked into the pet store I was expecting to get a pet gerbil. Well I saw a little itty bitty light brown and white rat in the cage. And i fell completely in love. This was the 3rd week in November and I still have him today. He is the best animal i have ever had. He loves giving kisses. He loves riding around on my shoulder and just sitting on my lap. He also loves getting his picture taken. He has 3 other cage mates. A dark brown Male fancy rat (Snipe), A creme head and white body male fancy rat (Aurie), and A white male dumbo rat (Dumbledore). And I have an albino female that is in another cage for breeding. I made a great choice by choosing rats instead of gerbils. Glad to share my rats Story.

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