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Hairless rats might be just the answer for you! You can keep dander in check with a little bathing and moisturizing.

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Intriguing Blue Rats…

The color that draws the crowds – striking blue rats!

Have you ever been in a pet shop and looked down into a tank full of lively vibrant young rats? Quite the rainbow! What color catches your eye first? For me, it was that intriguing powder blue.

The first rat we fell in love with was a laid back little blue dumbo rat. Talk about cute! Since we had just started our search for a little rattie girl, we didn’t know what a unique treasure she was.

We failed to take her home that minute. Big mistake! When we came back two hours later, she had been snatched up, and we couldn’t find another in her dazzling blue color.

We settled on a soft peachy beige and were instantly smitten. These critters can quickly steal your heart with their remarkably affectionate and smart nature!

History… Surprise!

Blue rats just “appeared.” Usually, a new variety of pet rats shows up in one spot and slowly spreads around to new areas.

You know… you like my slick new rat from San Francisco, you breed it to your Los Angeles princess and voile! A batch of new cool rat pups ready to ride Space Mountain.

Then you visit your cousin in Phoenix and show off your snazzy new model, and he talks you into letting your rats get married…Not so with these breathtaking blue beauties!

The blue rats popped up unexpectedly in pet stores all throughout the US and England – all at once. Ooohhh. Goosebumps! Nobody knows how they materialized, but it sure is fun for us rat lovers.

It’s all about color… Captivating!

Blue rats can vary widely in hue from incredibly light to richly dark. Check out these exquisite descriptions…

  • dusky silver with just a hint of blue called “Powder blue”
  • a clear sparkling sky blue labeled “American blue”
  • and an even deeper steel blue of the “British blue”

Then they progress a step darker to the luxurious “Russian blue” line with its variations of a pinkish gray “Russian Dove” and pale blue-gray “Russian Silver.”

These next guys aren’t officially blue, but they all have a subtle bluish shine. There are the blue-beige “Platinum” rats, medium gray-brown “Mink” rats, and off-white “Pearl” rats with an icy blue cast!

Markings, Ears & Eyes…
You name it – it comes in blue!
Blue rats can be hooded or banded, Berkshire or Irish, Self or Dalmation, … And the list goes on.

They can have standard or dumbo ears; mesmerizing ruby or coal black eyes. Typically, the darker their shade of blue, the darker their eyes.

Temperament… Affectionate & playful.This fancy rat variety has all the perfect ingredients for becoming your bosom friend. As with all of the fancy rat varieties, early handling and good breeding play a big part. Then, it’s up to you!

Good healthy care of pet rats is easy:

  • Shower them with attention,
  • fill their bowl with good eats,
  • refresh their water bottle daily,
  • and scrub their cage once a week.

Health… Watch those treats!

Some of these blue beauties have more delicate skin.

Feeding rats little nibbles off your potato chips or sharing your greasy hamburger can trigger an outbreak. The culprits? Too many fats and protein.

Make sure to feed your sweeties items on the recommended rat diet. With just a few exceptions, if your mom thinks a food would be good for you, it’s probably healthy for your rats as well! Surprisingly, avoid cheese!

On a Quest for Blue Rats?

Check out this handy Guide to Buy Pet Rats before you head out. It provides:

  • Tips for finding the friendly ones.
  • Where to shop.
  • Pitfalls to avoid.

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