cocoa and zelda a very sad story

by Amelia
(fleming island)

My rats Cocoa and Zelda passed away in 2011 the caught a terrible sickness. I played with them every day. I loved them with all my might. The only reason I got them is because I had to give my golden retriever away I always wanted a little cutie like them. Sometimes I think its not fair like I say ” It could have been differnt”. I thought I did something wrong like I could of helped but I could do nothing for them its just the way of life. The sad thing was my dad didnt tell me at first i thought the were in my room cuddling or something but I could tell by my dad’s face that something was wrong when I found out I was mad and sad at the same time. At school it was even wores I couldn’t think strait or anything. My mom said we will find you new little baby rats so they can live longer so thats what we did.

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