Cream 🙁

by Darren
(Simi Valley)

So I had 2 rats… I called them cookie and cream. One was black and one was white. Ok ok I’m already tearing up just writing this. I always loved cookie more than cream for her personality. Cookie is very excited all the time and I LOVED PLAYING WITH HER! She was the best rat ever! Cream was very shy, she didn’t like to be played with. 2 years went by and I still loved them both but cream got a tumor and it goes down hill from here 🙁

Right when we found the tumor my family and I went for a 2 week RV trip
I wanted to be with cream even though I loved cookie more.

A few months later and the tumor got Massive!
She always coughed up blood stumbled around slept all day couldn’t really eat
Cookie helped with that all the time. Cookie always feed her.
4 days ago I saw it got so bad and asked my really good friends what I should do
She said make it painless so I descended to euthanize her:-(
Right before this happened I cried for hours on end…I will get over myself for faverotism
If you r reading this I have advice for u…. NEVER FAVEROTISE! It kills u on the inside:-(
Every time I see cookie in her cage and when I take her out I cry
I can’t get over myself I feel so bad I visit creams grave I made for her.

One more thing… If u do faverotise… U will never feel the same again if u say “I’m sorry” like I did I feel terrible… If anyone has a story for me plz tell… I need help:-(

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