by Victoria
(California )

About two weeks ago my Rat Ellis who was a very hyper happy rat started acting very nostalgic. He became very docile and started having really short breath. When i picked him up he would just lay in my hand. This was not like him at all. he was always so hyper and playful he couldn’t stay still for more than five seconds. So we took him to the vet. Now i’m one of those people that always expects the worst. They wanted to keep him for a few hours to run some tests. I was so scared i didn’t want to leave him. The Vet called and told me he had an enlarged heart and that he also had a lot of fluid in his chest and that’s why his breathing was so bad. She said they gave him medicine and that it seemed to be working. She told me that i could come pick him up and take him home. She gave me the pills that he needed and we were off. Five days of giving him medicine and everyday i had what felt like a hole in my heart. Although he was doing a little better i knew he’d never be the same. Last night while i was spending time with him although he tried to act playful i knew something was wrong. He was my baby and i felt like i couldn’t save him. I laid on the floor next to him and started crying for i knew that his time was limited, Ellis ran up and licked the tears away. I went and got him his medicine and noticed that he was leaning to the side, then he fell right into me. I knew right then that he wasn’t okay. I thought maybe he was tired so i put him away and he curled up to go to sleep. I came in this morning to check on him and saw he was sprawled out at the bottom of the cage. Ellis had passed away and my heart shattered…
I feel so sad and heart broken.
The loss of a pet is so horrible and gut wrenching.
Rest in peace my beautiful baby boy my heart aches for you.

“It is a fearful thing to love what death can touch”


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