Tight-rope Maze!

We strung a rope up in our tree and let our rats play. They had a blast! At first they wobbled, but they…
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~by Sophia

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Dumbo Rats

Dumbo rats are rumored to be the sweetest & most gentle of the fancy varieties. Can this be true? Amazingly, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

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Explore Fancy Pet Rats

There are so Many Varieties of Fancy Pet Rats…

  • Dumbo Rats – Cute, Cuddly & Calm
  • Rex Rats – Twirly & Tweaky Haired
  • Blue Rats – Striking, Rich Color
  • Russian Blue Rats – Classy with a Metallic Shimmer
  • Albino Rats – Intriguing with Red-Eyes
  • Siamese Rats – Exotic
  • Hairless Rats – Smooth & Unusual
  • Tailless Rats – Not Recommended!