Ill miss you my thumper

i got thumper at a petstore about 2 years ago he was a grey dumbo rat with a white belly. He was super friendly from day one but as the days went on me and him got closer and closer he was funny and loving.when i brought him outside or anywhere he wasnt familiar with he would not leave my side and it was the cutest thing.when he wanted to be held he would climb up my leg. thumper loved to give kisses and cuddle too. he always brightened up my days and was my little escape from the world he always made me feel like everything was okay. he loved to look out my window by my bed absolutly loved it and now when i have my other boys out who are actually his sons it will not be the same not having him by that window. thumper always came when called and i had an even closer bond with him then my other boys who i love dearly. i found him dead in his cage tonight my room has been really really hot because i dont have air in it and he went undernieth the critter nation pan i think he trapped himself i cant stop crying i feel completly broken. im in so much pain knowing ill never hold him again or cuddle him or play with him or watch him find little things in my room and drag them around or look out the window or climb on my shoulder. i dont feel like anythings okay. i know some will say oh its just a rat but they dont understand the impact my little buddy had on my life. watching videos and looking through pictures of him is making me sick. i will miss walking into my room and seeing him waiting at the bars eager to come out and play more then i can say. i just love him so much i cant explan the pain and he amount i will miss him.

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