In Memory of Peachez and Cinnabunz

It is amazing how a pair of adorable little faces can help someone through the dark times in ones life.

For the past few years I have had a rough time. A car accident started the process followed by a hard breakup, and moving twice. All caused severe mental and emotional issues.

I walked into my local pet store to purchase cat food and found myself staring into the most adorable eyes I have ever seen. She was there, in the cage with her nose sticking out of the bars, and her little arm reached out. I was smitten. I immediately had to have her. She was a Peach fancy rat. I named her Peachez.

I came home and set up a cage. Needless to say my mother was not impressed.. That was quick to change! She loved her and soon to be another little “Ratatatat” as much as I did.

I had had her only a few days and decided after alot of research that I should go back to the store and purchase her sister. I drove hurriedly to the pet store and came home with a fancy hooded rat that I name Cinnabunz. She was the timid one who needed extra TLC.

These little faces and big hearted companions got me through some of the darkest moments of my life. I could cuddle with them, cry with them and above all else be myself with them. And they would not judge.

Tragedy struck when I came into my room one night to feed them, I discovered Peachez was sick. I cuddled her and loved her and promised her I would take her to the vet asap in the morning. She made it through the night, but 15 minutes after I had booked the vet appointment she had passed. It broke my heart.

I promptly took my “Little Bunnzies” aka Cinnabunz to the vet and started her on anti biotics. I continued to take her to the vet at every sniffle for antibiotics.

A few months later on November 3 Cinnabunz got sick… It was literally over a few hour period. I called the vet and did an emergency vet call. We got her in and got her started on antibiotics. I cuddled and cried and loved that girl until I couldn’t stay up with her. I put her reluctantly in her cage, with some yogurt. She tried to eat. She walked over to the cage door and tried to get on my shoulder. I gave her a big kiss on her head and said “I love you and promise me you will be better in the morning”. That was the last words I said to her.

Both Cinnabunz and Peachez are burried together in my backyard. They are dearly missed by my mom and myself.

Love You Forever and Always My Little Sweet Hearts.

Sarah and Heather

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