Morning Kisses

by Cindy
(Appleton, WI)


Conner and I will miss your kisses every morning as we head out to start our day!

Less than an hour ago you took your last breath while cradled in my hands and with a family shedding tears of loss.

How can people just look at one of God’s creatures and judge their value or merits without knowing their worth in anothers life?

From the day you came into our lives you brought love, smiles and laughter, and I hope we brought some to you as well.

I’m glad you didn’t leave alone, and that I was able to pray for precious soul. God now has another little ratty to keep by his side and remind him of the beautiful wonders he created.

Brody just sent the perfect expression of our wishes for you…”May her little ratty butt find its way to never-never land where she can run in the great wheel in eternal youthfulness.”

Our love and gratitude for the way you touched our lives!

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