My baby, Oreo. 💔

I had an albino pet rat banned Cinnabon for about a month. She’s one of the sweetest rats and loves going in my shirt or just hang out on my shoulder. It was lat well when I realized that she needed a buddy to keep her company. My friend, being the wonderful person she is, got me another rat. She was white and black and we named her Oreo. Cinnabon and get bonded really well and played and cuddled all day. They were so happy together. Last night after only a week of having her I noticed that she wasn’t playing with Cinnabon like she used to do. She was eating and drinking like normal and get breathing was normal too. There was no bleeding anywhere either. I knew something was wrong but I did not know that she was going to die so I didn’t say my proper goodbyes. This morning when I woke up I found her lying in a corner not breathing. She was cold and hard and I knew right away that she was dead. Cinnabon was cuddled up to her and I felt terrible. They were both babies. I was so upset and felt like crying but I didn’t know how to react. I had a proper burial under a tree in my back yard. My friend, as I said before, my amazingly wonderful friend told me that we could go pick up a new friend for Cinnabon. I thought that maybe it would be way too soon but I didn’t want her grieving over her best friend did and cage mate. A few hours ago we picked up my new baby rat Nova. She’s wonderful but Cinnabon was hesitant at first when I was introducing them to eachother. They’re good now but I still miss Oreo with all my heart. I wish I could of at least said my goodbyes and kissed her one last time.

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