my beautiful rat tamsin

when i was ten my mum agreed that i could have a pet rat after months of saving up we finaly bought 3 rats.but the place we bought it was kinda dodgy, they had no space to run around in and one of ours,willow, had something wrong with her ear. of course we all exepted the worsed. actually willow is still alive and healthy. after 2 years quin developed a tumor on her back and at that time tamsin looked the strongest and healthiest. now on the day tamsin died quins tumor was half the size of her, but when i went to get tamsin out for her run around and play i noticed she wasnt cleaning probably, then i realised a bit later that every now and then she would freeze and just sit there. panic set in and i put her back in her cage and told my parents. we all new she was bad. we moved her from her cage for a bit as she kept on falling down the side of the bars and kept her there for severall hours. finaly at evening we had to put her back in the cage. thankfully this time she stayed at the bottom of the cage. sadly only 1 and a half hours later my mum came and told me she had died and if i wanted to say goodbye it would have to be now. it all happened so quicly so if if u have a elderly rat please look out for these simptoms as it will happen really fast.

love you tamsin and will never forget you.
1st march 2014-5th august 2016

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