my beloved babies…..

by jessicca
(milwaukee wi united states)

I lost my rat Zelda 4 days ago. I came home and she was gone. I felt so devestated i couldnt eat for days. zZelda also liked my cats. It was super adoreable to watch her WANT to be around them and also funny to watch her chase obe of them around the room.
Now she has 2 cagemates left (Fi and Navi Ro). I think one of them…Fi had a respitory problem and due to zelda being gone stress made her problem worse.
Im scared i might lose Fi. She wont eat or drink. And when she does its very little and shes weak. I got her medicine so hopefully she gets better. Fi and Navi are anout 3. So yeah they are old. Zelda was only 2 and a half.
I want these to be my last ratties and im struggling with deciding to get anouther rat when only one is left. I cant deal with a fourth death. I love my babies to death. And i always spend time with them. My princesses will and are gonna make beautiful angels. I’ve already decided that when they all pass and I get them cremated I’m going to put them in the same urn. sisters for life. Sisters for eternity.

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