My best friend, Shiloh

by Valu
(New Zealand)

I brought Shiloh this year, my first year of college because at the time I had been struggling with my “so called friends” and my life was so lonely. I believe Shiloh came to me in the moment I truly needed him because he became my light and the reason why I looked forward to coming home from lectures. He learnt slowly but surely how to trust me and once he had, he was my best friend. He was more of a friend to me then any of my human friends could ever be. I always loved the time we would spend together when I’d cuddle him or teach him tricks. Often I would let him out of his cage and let him run around my college room. I’m going to miss how he was always eager to see me and popped his head out if he heard me calling his name. I’m going to miss him chewing all the corners of my college exercise books and how he would get into my cheerios box if I accidently left it on my desk. I’m going to miss his company and his contentment in simple things and I wish he would come back because most of all, I am missing my best friend.

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