My Boys

by Cara
(Towson, MD)

My two boys and I have a long and amazing story. I got two rats a day before Christmas last year. Two brothers who I named Chester and Charlie. When I got them I was automatically in love with them. They became my pride a joy. Charlie I noticed a day later was not right. He was sneezing way more than usual and it turned out he had a respitory problem. He was taken to the vet right away and I was not able to see him for three weeks. After the time passed I got him back and the boys were reunited. I am a college student and at the time I was dating this guy who was just as in love with them. We ended up breaking up and he lived hours away. He did not want to return my rats but I fought for about 6 months until I got both of them back. Since January we have been inseparable. They helped me find closure where there wasn’t much and they gave me support that I was not receiving from my parents. Last night Charlie finally succumbed to his respitory problem. His brother and I are devastated. Every second I think he is going to come running up to me begging me to pet him and hold him. Life will not ever be the same for me I know because these rats have shown me so much love in such a short period of time. I know I’ll see Charlie one day and I know he is up in heaven waiting until the day we can meet again.

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