My first rat- Mystery Color

by Mary
(Lafayette, LA)

My baby girl, Erdgeist (Aired Guy “sst”, or earth spirit), was my first rat, picked up with her cage mate Elise at a pet store.
My boyfriend picked her out for me, as he’s owned rats before, and I’m so blessed: She’s softer than you can imagine, laid back but curious to the point of exploring the house alone, and friendlier than a ragdoll kitten.
I can take her anywhere, and in fact, I have! We’ve gone to festivals and to the grocery store, and many other places; The reactions I get range from prejudiced hate, to adoration and cuddles, to those who are cautiously curious about owning pet rats.

I don’t know what color she is: If she’s gray, she’s the lightest gray I’ve ever seen. She seems dovey or champagne in color, almost, or a very light blue. Her eyes are ruby and she is hooded.

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