My lovely little Bella passed on today

by Judy

Bella was brought into our lives when I went looking for a dog to make my husband less sad about our dog passing away months earlier. I didn’t connect with any dogs so we went to Petco to their adoption event. Again I didn’t connect with any dogs but saw the rats. Bella was coming up to see me, so right away we fell in love. She was such a princess. She had a purple bed like a cat and my husband built her the fanciest condo a rat has ever seen. She was such a daddy’s girl. I don’t know how many pictures of her hanging out with her daddy. She loved skinny pop popcorn. One time when I couldn’t find her I crinkled the bag and she came running! She would steal fruit out of my bowl as I was eating. She was just adorable. She was the cutest little rat that you could ever have. Even when she got sick she took her medicine like it was a popsicle. I’m going to miss her kisses. Rest in peace my baby.

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