My lovely Mila

by Greg G.
(Kingwood, TX)

Last Monday night I noticed that my beautiful Mila was “off” just a little bit. I thought maybe that she had a cold.
When I woke up Tuesday morning it was more noticeable that there was something wrong. I explained the issue to my new vet ( I just moved to Houston, TX and have yet to find a vet that specializes in my ratties) and the vet tech thought that maybe Mila may have gotten pneumonia so I made an appointment for Wednesday at 3:45pm.
When I got up Wednesday morning there was something very very wrong. Mila was standing in her cage and was having a really hard time breathing so I took her DIRECTLY to the vets office. As we waited around for the other patients to get their shots, their exams and such ( all while the it was VERY obvious that Mila was having major issues breathing) until after 50 minutes the tech took us back for her exam.
The vet came in, examined her, and stated that she had pneumonia. He went to get some medication he spoke with an older vet that stated that she thought that there might be a sinus blockage of some kind because of the speed at which the symptoms sprang up.
The male vet took her back to take an xray.
After about 5 minutes he came back into the exam room and told me that she had made it through the xray.
I guess that he put her on her side to do the xray and she couldn’t breathe so he put her back on her stomach and she went into convulsions and then just died. I still don’t understand it. She was in perfect condition
She was a year and a half old. I rescued her from a Petco in Klamath Falls, Oregon after I had to put my Vanilla down.
She was spoiled, and loved, and I miss her dearly.

If anyone knows of a good vet in northern Houston, TX I would very much appreciate the referral.
I have 3 more babies that I got 2 weeks ago and need a good vet for them.

Thanks for listening

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