My Nelly

by Rebekah

Nelly stold my heart as soon as I saw her. She was only five weeks old when I got her. I didn’t get her a cage mate so I was her only buddy. After a month Nelly and I were inseperable.She was almost a year when she had to have a mammary tumor removed.2-3 months later she had another mass. I decided to have her spayed as well as get the tumor removed. She made it through the surgery, but went into cardiac arrest while recovering.The vet gave her mouth to rat but couldn’t get Nelly back.I still really miss her. A part of my heart is still just for her. I’ve got two more beautiful girls, one a dumbo, like Nelly and the other a black berkshire fancy rat. Got both of them from petco.My most recent arrival is big buck named Casper which I got from my friend. I’m enjoying the time I have with them. Rats lives are too short.

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