My Rat Trypp

by Bianca

I just got my rat today! He is a hooded dumbo rat. I love him and he is already bruxing and really loving being with me. I knew when I saw him that I needed THAT SPECIFIC ONE!

So mom and I got the stuff and got him today. I love him and named him trip because he is so in tuned to me that he will trip and fall off his little platform because he tries to look at me while I walk by!!

Its so cute, and he rides on my shoulder! My siamese cat Bandit actually doesn’t mind him! Trypp crawled on his head and he didnt even budge, I think its because he is 17 years old haha! This is my first rat and I am in love!

I got a lot of my info from this website and it was super helpful! Thanks for all the help 😀

Love, Bianca and Trypp!

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