My ratty Becky died 🙁 I loved her so much…

by Jay

First off, we bought Becky from a lovely young man along with another rat named Marge. Becky and Marge are bald rats, which made them specially cute. She loved hugs and kisses and playing around, but when she got a tuma, her life and our lives flipped. She lost her balance, so she was consistently leaning to the right. She went all quiet and the other rats helped her more and more. But one night, she was acting like she always did, no change in her at all. But in the morning, when we got up, we went downstairs and to the cage to check that all our rattys were OK. Becky didn’t wake up, so my mum got her out and she didn’t move and she was really floppy. We knew straight away that she was dead. We cried and cried all day but after a couple of hours we took her to the vets to see what the right thing to do was. We decided that we would take her to the crematorium. We cry every day and pray that God will take care of her. Thanks for reading. 2.11.15

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