My Squishy Boy Gizmo

by Samantha
(Somerset, UK)

Originally petshop bought (Never again!) Gizmo came to us with his brother Spice. We were not quite sure how old he was, the shop assistant was vague, saying six weeks, but having owned more, there was NO WAY he was only six weeks old.
The shop assistant was so ham-fisted with both Gizmo and Spice, that they squeeled in protest of being picked up.

We got them home, and the two little guys sat on the top shelf of their cage for a whole 24 hours. They were offered Scrambled eggs for tea that night, but they never touched it, so I ended up throwing it away.

Both rats were very shy, but with patience and understanding on both sides, Gizmo became less timid and ventured out a little bit.
Spice on the otherhand, needed more work, as he would BITE first, ask questions later.

Gizmo became a loyal and loving rat, sharing treats and nice moist meals (scrambled egg soon becoming his favorite!)

One night, one of our recent does (cocoa) escaped from her cage, and into the bucks cage, hence, the birds and the bees etc… 24 days later, she gave birth to 16 bouncy pups.
(There was no mistaking Gizmo was the father, as we got a few black hooded ones in the litter!)

He was forever licking, cuddling up in my dressing gown and generally following me around. One day he became poorly… he sat snuggled in his favorite hammock, within hours my squishy boy was taken.. we were all very upset.
He was the first rat that started our immense love of these comical and intelligent creatures. So much so, we now have 19!
We had the most lovely 15 months with this gem of a boy and we feel honoured that he spent many happy days with us.

I know now that he rests in peace playing with many other dearly departed, and his legend lives on in his offspring!

Especially in our two girls GJ (Gizmo Jr) and Wheeler. (We decided to keep the majority of the girls)

I think maybe this calls for a picture or two… yes, he was a poser!

RIP Gizmo. Love Mummy & Daddy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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