My sweet boy, Mycroft

by Chantel
(North Palm Beach, FL)

I’ll never forget the day I brought Mycroft home, along with his brother Lastrad. He was sheer perfection in my eyes but this was the first time I had ever decided to own a pet rat. I definitely had so much to learn. Mycroft was such a little spitfire. He chased my hands, he’d cuddle with me, and we used to always play tag and peek a boo. One day I noticed he was making a wheezing sound and immediately did my research online. Within the next 48 hours, he was at the vet. They gave me medication and I thought that was the end of it. I was wrong.

I did everything I could, making sure his play area was extra clean, using the right bedding, and giving him the proper diet. Within two weeks, his wheezing began again. So again, I went back to the vet. They gave me another medication. After he had finished it all, everything seemed great. Unfortunately, within a months time the wheezing came back once again and it was worse. I woke up one morning to see Mycroft struggling to breathe in the corner of his cage. My heart dropped. I grabbed him and went straight to the vet. The whole drive my heart was pounding.

He had pneumonia. As hard as I tried, the vet explained to me that some rats are very susceptible to upper respiratory infections and may need medication their whole life. However, Mycroft was suffering. Badly. The vet told me that the humane thing to do was to put him down. I can’t even tell you how hard I cried. I’ll never forget looking into his sweet little eyes one last time. I miss him so much and I feel like I failed as a mommy. I’d do anything to get him back but I am relieved he is no longer suffering. I love you Mycroft. You will always be missed <3

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