My Sweet Lucy Goosy

I bought Lucy a few months after my first ever rat, Tabitha. She was a beautiful light grey colour. Tabitha accepted her right away and they became the best of friends. A while after that I saw a black rat in the pet shop and decided that three different coloured beauties would be the perfect family. They all lived together happily for approximately 2 years. Lucy was very quiet and never fought with anyone. I always thought that she was unwell because she wasn’t as active as my other two, but the vet kept reassuring me that she looked well and healthy.. She loved to pea-fish, explore through wheat “grass” and hide in tissue boxes. She also loved her food and became my gentle giant. Around three weeks ago I found a pea-sized lump under her left arm. I took her to the vet right away and after a week we decided that we would get it removed. The night before her operation I said goodbye to her and left her at my mums house because I had to work the next day. All day at work I was anxious and felt sick, because my mum wasn’t going to tell me how it went, either way. But later that day I got a text saying it went well. I was ecstatic. The first day she was doing well, she was eating and drinking, and even got out of her cage for a walk. But the next morning she didn’t look so good. That night she passed away. It is so hard to write about this. I miss her so much. I don’t know what I did wrong, or what I could have done to change it, but I just know that there is a huge hole in my heart. For a couple of days I held her and could not let go. She smelt beautiful and looked beautiful and it was so hard to see her body lifeless. I got the operation done for her benefit and now I have lost her. I love you and miss you so much Lucy xoxoxoxo

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