My Two Babies

by Kaelyn

I got a rat in 2009 and shortly afterword I got another. Of course the first rat was dominant and they fought sometimes but they cuddled a lot. We separated the cages because we were worried that Galileo, the latter rat would be hurt. But they still loved each other. The years between thier deaths were the happiest years of my life. I had Phantom, the first rat, for a year and a half when he got sick from mycoplasma and died a few months ago. Ever since Phantom died, Galileo’s well being and health started to decline. And a series of unfortunate events happened for my family. Yesterday, my little baby Galileo died in his sleep. We had just got back from a trip in which he got to see dad for the last time. He had waited to come home. Tomorrows my birthday, and it was Galileo’s birthday too. He was two and Phantom was one and a half. I know I am really going to miss my two precious babies.

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