Nibbles the first, yet last rat

We started off we one rat, Nibbles then we got two others, they were all so beautiful. Wicket was the cuddly soft one, Moo Moo was the peace keeper and Nibbles the enagetic. One by one they passed away, Wicket died way too soon she was only half a year she died from a very bad infection. We got two other rats, Mango and Hope, we ended up giving them away (Too a very sweet person) Then we got the baby rats Squeaker and Chewie (Chewbacca) After a year or more, Moo Moo needed to be put down. Not to long after that, Mango died, now today Nibbles. She was the first rat, she lived for almost three years, be prepared. Rats die easily. They are also good at stealing them.

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