by mia

olive was my 3rd pet rat that i ever had. she was a pretty tan color and white also. she was so crazy, she had a fun personality. her sister molly was her best friend. they slept together and played rough with each other. they were insperable. me and my mom would always play the song “trouble maker” by olly murs because she was our little troublemaker. when i went on sprinf break to florida my mom stayed back because my parents are divorced and i went with my dad. she called me one night and told me that she fould olive bleeding in her cage. she immeditaly took her to the vet. we always thought that olive was just really fat but that wasnt the case. the vet found a tumor the size of a ping pong ball in her. it was so big it was causing her to bleed. im so glad my mom found her because she could of bleed to death. the vet couldnt do anything about it so we decided to put her down. i feel awful because i wasnt there and that i was responsible for her death. i could of taken her to the vet sooner. but i now know that she is happy and content with all of the other rats that i have lost. olive only lived 2 years but they were the best two years i could ask for. she is a GREAT rat and i will always remeber her. i am writing this on the day she died, she was put to sleep about 2 hours ago. we wil ALWAYS remember you olive, a funny, charming,crazy little rat. RIP olive<3
i love you,
mia,mom, molly
april 7,2015

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