Our beautiful trooper <3

by sarah

Kratos, our loving trouble maker passed about 3months ago at the ripe age of 2.5years old. His best friend of 2.5years passed away only a couple months before him. Kratos was showing a lot of signs of old age. We were convinced this little(big) guy would not live much more then a week after his best bud left us. Much to our surprise, we got to enjoy another 10weeks afterwards with him, and I even got to hold him and comfort him as he finally took his last breath, which we didn’t get with the other as we think he died of a sudden heart attack and we found him in the middle of the bedroom floor(they both had their own bedroom to play in)

I call him out little trooper because we were convinced her should of died long before he actually did. This stubborn rat was adament that he was content how he was and did not want to go. He spent his last 4months of life getting spoiled with raw food diet that was soft enough that he could eat. He got leftovers from us, though his mobility was finishing, he still had his trouble making personality that was all too kratos. Till the morning we woke up to him barely moving and hanging on, he never showed us a reason to think he was not happy or loved. And I remember laying on the couch with him wrapped up in a blanket, talking softly to him, telling him it was okay to go, that he had a long life and it was okay. He didn’t want to let go, I could see it in his eyes. I wanted him to, as much as years were running down my face. I knew it was his time and he needed to go. I held him until after I couldn’t feel his little heart beat anymore.

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