Our beloved Jillian earned her wings yesterday…

by Jonathan

Our beautiful tan dumbo passed yesterday, right about 2 years old.

Jillian was one of a pair, the other being Dotty, that were our first family pets. It was just a little over 2 years ago that my son, Jacob who was 7 years old at the time, started to really clamor for a pet. He wanted fish but seeing that I had fish, cats and a rat when I was a young and did not think fish were that much fun, my wife and I persuaded him to get rats. I am glad we did, they are wonderful pets.

Jillian was a beautiful tan dumbo, bold, a big licker, a wheel marathoner and an adventurer. Jillian was quite happy to help clean my finger tips with a thorough licking whenever I forgot to wash them after touching food. She would lick your lips as well. She enjoyed trying to find places behind cabinets and such where we really did not want her to go but always came back for a treat. She was smart and learned tricks and desired behavior quickly and easily (as long as we had treats).

We were away on a Cub Scout camping trip this past Memorial Day weekend. Jillian was not doing well the day we left so I had my wife come home to check on her during our trip. When checked on, Jillian was not active but was eating food offered to her. When we all got back on Monday, we found her alive but clearly dying. I like to think she waited for us so that we could say a proper goodbye. My wife held her as she slipped into her final slumber. I am glad that she died somewhat peacefully in her sleep.

I am one of the pack leaders so had an obligation to stay at the camp out to help things along. In hindsight, I sure wish I could have stayed with my darling Jillian. I could use a few finger licks right now.

I will always remember you my dear Jillian. Rest in peace.

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