Training Tip…

Keep training sessions short. 5 minutes at a time and he’ll be showing off his new stunts in no time!

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Pocket Pal!

We just bought this little blue rat. He’s so tame already and he loves to ride around in my pocket. I really like that.
~ Photo sent in by Candice

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Pet rat care is wonderfully simple, low-cost & fun!

Let’s get started.
This is going to be easy and fun. Pet rat care is an essential part of discovering the fun of owning pet rats!

  • What do pet rats eat?
    Keep it simple. Lab blocks, water and a few fresh veggies and fruit.Or go gourmet by mixing up your own nutritious tofu and molasses blend. It’s still easy!
  • What about the rat urine & rat feces?
    Rats are very intelligent which means they can easily learn to use a litter box. This makes poo cleanup a cinch.
  • What activities interest rats during out-of-cage playtime?
    Rats are wonderfully easy to please. Almost any change of scenery perks them up. Take ‘em out for a stroll. Rats love to dig and burrow, so give them a pile of dirt with hidden yummies – peas, Yogies yogurt treats, clover.
  • How do I provide rat enrichment in pet rat cages?
    Creativity plus a few low-cost items are all you need. Hide a nut or favorite treat in a toilet paper roll. Pile up their shavings on one side of the cage & watch them start to bulldoze. String a rope and watch your little acrobat go! This part of pet rat care has endless possibilities.
  • What about their cage?
    Since rats are social critters, plan on keeping at least two buddies at a time. The smallest cage you’ll want is a 10 gallon aquarium with a cage topper once they’ve grown up. Hang homemade or purchased toys and hammocks all throughout. Shuffle up the “furniture” arrangement weekly when you clean out the bedding.
  • So I have my cage and toys, bedding and food. How do I choose my pet rats?
    With a few quick rat facts in mind, you’ll be able to choose the most rewarding rat pets with confidence. Check out our easy-to-read yet detailed Guide to Buy Pet Rats. It’s chock full of tips! Once you have the big picture, print a quick Rat Guide Checklist to have handy when you’re actively shopping.