Phoebe, Kallen, and Charlie

by BillieJane
(Salt Lake City)

I am the daughter of a rat and reptile business, so naturally I was bound to have a rat. But I have been waiting for the right one. Today I found Prim, I was helping clean cages when a tan and white Dumbo Rex baby came to the front. It was unusual, especially for such a little pup. But once I picked her up I knew it was love she wa to be mine! We get along great and she is my baby, I hope to soon teach her some of the tricks I’ve seen on here.
My sister has also taken in Prims sister, Rue. Penelope and momma, two semi hairless (my moms) have welcomed our babes with open arms. Hopefully within the next week Rue and Prim will be staying with me in my room. Many of our rats, even breeders are handle-able. I don’t have pictures yet but soon I will. I hope to have many adventures with Prim.

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