by Tori

The last of my rat pictures. 🙂 This one is of Pon, the only one of my boys that wouldn’t sit still long enough to get his picture taken…but after awhile we finally got one!

Pon is 12 weeks just like Sushi and Zi, and was 8 weeks at the time.
He’s Zi’s brother (their names coming off of two comic characters that fit their personalities. Google ‘Pon and Zi’ 😉 ))
Compared to his fat brother Zi, he looks like a baby.
And I’m not sure at all what his colorings would be called…I could never find anything that matched up to him enough.

Side Note: All four of my boys were pretty much raised together, but Pon and Zi are from the same litter and we think Sushi and Noodle were as well. ^^

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