Rachey roo

(Worcestershire )

My pet rat Rachel was the first rat I ever owned in my life, she was a beautiful little girl with the biggest ears, I set my heart on her and fell in love as soon as I brought her and when i got her to her home and set her cage up and put her inside, I knew from that moment she was going to be my special little girl.. Which she was very, very special!!

Her favourite thing to do was to get on my shoulder and snuggle in my hair and go to sleep she was like my very own rat scarf, she would sit on my shoulder and nap for hours, she was just happy to be on you that’s where she seemed her happiest. It was a lovely feeling that such a small creature trusted me and felt safe… Every day I would come home from work and watch her climb out of her hammock and wait at the bars and pressed my face against her cage and she would give me a little kiss, every day!! She was such a loving little animal she changed everyone’s opinion about rats because she was so lovely and gentle and just snuggled any one that held her.

She’s just passed which I am absolutely torn apart about as she went down hill with in a couple of house one minuet she was fine having a cuddle and then she couldn’t move, we got her out her cage and she spent her last hours wrapped up in my scarf it was the only way the keep her calm, we stayed up with her all night as much as we could before dosing off now and again I’m just grateful she was with us being comforted rather struggling on her own!! I am so gutted and I feel like a massive part of me is missing, but although her life was only short she was happy and very well love and best of all she loved us back!!

People will never understand and say it’s only a rat, but Rachel most defiantly wasn’t just a rat she was a massive part of our lives she was a member of our family and even tho she’s gone she will never be forgotten she was so special to us

We will love you forever queen Rachey, we can’t quite believe you have gone rip princess, forever in our hearts xxxx

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