What happened?

I think I’m seeing spots! They’re everywhere!

This is a baby Siamese albino Rex rat. Click here! to explore more fancy pet rat varieties.

Fancy food!

Try this quick & easy recipe that will make your pet rats flip. It’s nutritious and filling & oh, so yummy!

Click here for the Molasses Mix Recipe… & more!

Quick Rat Guide Checklist!

Print this handy Rat Guide Checklist to make shopping a breeze!

  • Allergies?
    Try Hairless rats or Rex rats!
    Many choices for bedding.
  • Buy pet rats in same-sex pairs!
    When you can’t be with him, your social rat is happiest with a rat buddy.
    Sticking with all girls or all boys is easier.
    Breeding is harder to manage than it might seem.
  • Females.
    Spry, adventurous, inquisitive. 
    Eager to learn tricks.
    Smaller than males.
    Less odor.
    Prone to tumors.
  • Males.
    Usually calm couch potatoes.
    Can learn tricks too.
    Mark their territory, more odor.
    Less prone to tumors.
  • Choose healthy.
    Alert, confident, curious, dry nose, bright eyes.
    Avoid sneezes, hunched over appearance, scruffy coat, lumps.
  • Choose good temperament.
    Friendly & curious.
    Avoid shy & nervous or spend extra time to overcome.
  • Then look at breed, color and age.
    Health and temperament are more important than physical features.
    5 weeks old is a great age.
  • Pet Stores
    May have family-bred well-socialized pet rats. Might not.
    May have correct information. Might not.
    Local and convenient.
  • Pet Rat Breeders
    Knowledgeable, responsible.
    Breed for good health, friendliness & show.
  • Rat Rescue Facilities
    Good cause, timid animals, require extra care.
  • Most of all…
    Enjoy discovering the fun of owning pet rats!

Want even more tips?

Check out our detailed Guide to Buy Pet Rats. It’s jam-packed with important tidbits that can save you hours of heartache and aggravation.

Print a pdf file:
Click here to print a pdf of this handy Rat Guide Checklist.