Remy x

by Jac

I had just turned 12 when I got my first rats, Remy, a hooded black and white rat and Lenny a pure albino rat.Lenny was immediately friendly and Remy shyer however I still felt a bond. 3 days after getting him he developed an issue and my mum told me that he would die as he was unable to urinate. My mum told me that it would be really painful for him and so we took him back to the pet shop to be seen by a vet. The vet came the Wednesday after the Saturday we took him back and he was euthanized. I was devastated having had him such a short amount of time and hardly getting to see him blossom. Lenny also found it hard to cope and was ‘monkey’ climbing from the top of his age when I was at school. We developed a strong bond then and when he lost his tail the bond tightened when he defied all the odds and survived. I really miss remy as he was truly my first rat and I will never forget him. Now he has blossomed wings xxx

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