Rest well, Baby girl..

by Wade N
(St. Paul, mn)

I suppose the story starts a little over a year ago. My lovely girlfriend adopted three baby rats. Innocent and adorable!! About six months ago we adopted a sick rat named Chachi. She had an upper respiratory infection. We both took her to a trusted vet. With a course of antibiotics, warmth, and care. She was soon back to her curious, and loving self. We all spent 5 amazing months together. No matter what time of day it was, Chachi was always there to give her warmth and love to us.. She really enjoyed playing under blankets along with her three sisters. Enjoying treats, or just leaving the bedroom to watch TV and snuggle under a blanket with just us.

A short time ago we noticed a little ruffle in her fur, between her tail a hip. After a few days we noticed that ruffle become enlarged along with sneezing, and a hard time breathing. It ended up being a very large tumor.. While keeping her spoiled and comfortable.. It brought us to today

Today she wasn’t able to walk, and could only open her left eye while having seizures.. The extremely rapid growing tumor was limiting her quality of life in a way that I could not dream fathomable. When I tried to pick her out of her ‘nest’ in her cage she screamed. And had a bloody nose.. I knew what had to happen. The sparkles in her beautiful eyes where no more.. The chattering and shaking was a clear sign of pain and misery… After a 10 minute phone call with the vet we both agreed that it was time to relieve baby Chachi of her suffering…

I took her into the vet today at about 4PM. By 415pm her suffering was over. The vet did it in the most humane way possible. Which I’m very thankful for!!

I know it was the right decision, however.. Almost 8 hours later I sit here with tears running down my face.. I put her to rest under a beautiful oak tree in our yard shortly after her suffering was over..

I can’t help but to view her pictures on my phone. And sob even more. I realize it will get better in time… But that time is not now for me..
We’ll always love you baby Chachi. Rest easy, and enjoy your rewards for suffering.

To those who have lost a pet Rat.. Your not alone. It’s a painful road. We will get through it. Please, keep the other rats and rat owners in your prayers… Such innocent and loving creatures.. An amazing, yet sad story..

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