Whew! What a workout!

We just got done learning how to walk on our back legs and we’re pooped. Man, were those treats good! Can’t wait to rest up in our rat hammock & do it again tomorrow.

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Ooh, Rex Rats

Comical twirling & curling hair.

Rex rats are endearing with that “just-woke-up” or “too-busy-exploring-to-do-my-hair” look. This little guy’s amazing coat is sure to attract attention! Look closely – even the whiskers curl!

Special Physical Trait:
Spectacular coat style including curly whiskers.

Rex rat coats vary widely in tightness & thickness of curl. Some have corkscrew coils like a permed sheep. Others have long, luxurious waves. Still others have sparse ripples that are hardly noticeable. The coat you see when you bring home your rat is not necessarily the one he’ll continue to wear.

Most baby Rex rats start out with thick, tight curlicues. Within 6-7 weeks they shed this impressive baby coat, and in grows their first adult coat. Many times, the new fur is just a teensy bit wavy. As they age, the intensity of their ringlets waxes & wanes. Over time, their curls will thicken & tighten, then relax & thin again. Usually, the sheeplike wool of babyhood is gone forever. By 18 months, many Rexes have thin fur with bald patches.

Females almost always tend toward relaxed waves. If you have your heart set on lush curls, choose a male. They sport their best coat between 6-12 months of age. Regardless of the state & amount of their locks, Rex fur is soft and satiny. When you purchase a young little cutie, be prepared to be surprised over time!

Colors & Markings:
Rex rats come in all of the typical fancy rat colors… agouti, Russian blue, cinnamon, Siamese, merle, pink-eyed white, …
And markings… hooded, blaze, dalmation, Irish, variegated, …
They can also have standard or dumbo ears, red or black eyes.

Sweet, smart & oh, so friendly beneath those enticing curls.

Fancy pet rats are bred specifically for their sweetness, intelligence & good-natured disposition. The Rex rat matches this description perfectly.

Quality pet rat breeders hold and heap love on the baby rats when they are 3-6 weeks old. This important time shores up their trust and allows their real personalities to shine.

Each pet rat has its own unique character & endearing quirks. One might be more inquisitive & seem to be forever getting into mischief as it explores. Another may be more lackadaisical & chum around with you at a relaxed pace. As you attempt to know your mini companions better, you will surely be surprised & rewarded by their captivating qualities. Among these, you will regularly find clean habits, sweet kisses & amazing brainpower.

Showing off this magnificent creature:
One would think that such an awesome coat would make Rex rats good candidates for entering into a show. Here are some thoughts to consider…

  • You can’t time his shedding & new coat growth. This can make for awkward show appearance.
  • It’s hard to determine which baby will retain a winning coat.
  • The coat adds an extra feature that is judged. Your little model must still possess accurate markings & features. If the marking requires a distinct pattern, it might be hard to see clearly among those curls. For example, the English Irish marking is a white equilateral triangle on the chest. Can you see the triangle edges within the curls?
  • When you wash your Rex rat, his curls will soften. This means you will need to bathe him 1-2 weeks before showtime in order let his locks recover their impressive curl. Then keep him in a spotless cage and make sure he doesn’t spill his dinner for those weeks!

Quite the challenge!

Final thoughts:
When deciding on rat pets, consider…

  • First: Are they healthy? Reputable breeders and rescue facilities have the experience needed to give your rat pets a happy healthy start in life. They don’t overbreed or inbreed. They know how much protein to feed pregnant rats. They know the differing requirements of baby rat and older rat stages. Quality care of pet rats makes a profound difference to your rat’s health.
  • Second: Are they well socialized? Rats bred as pets have typically had extra care, knowledge and love poured into them early. They trust people and see no difference between us and another rat. This makes for a satisfying link between you and your little darlings.
  • Finally: Who catches your eye?! Rex rats can easily make the top of the list. They have all of the potential to provide a satisfying relationship with the added unique hair spin.

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Whether you choose Rex rats or dumbo rats , Siamese rats or any other of the rat varieties, you’re sure to discover fun with pet rats!

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