R.I.P Lil Stuart

by Saskia
(United Kingdom, London )

I was gutted to find him in his cage, stiff, like he was frozen. I was panicking because he wasn’t moving so I opened the cage and carried him out. He was freezing and rock solid it was heart wrenching, I was just holding him to my chest and crying and my mum came up and comforted me the best she could, she was saying how he died of natural causes and he actually lived quite long for a rat, she said that I rescued him and he had a nice and healthy life but even though I did save him I wish I could’ve been with him when he passed so he didn’t go alone, then again my cat was int he room with him so I guess that’s some company ahe? I’m still crying as I write this actually and I know only a few people will read this but to those who have lost anyone a pet or a family member or a friend, I just want to say, it’s not easy and you won’t get over it but just look forward to tomorrow because now your are no longer living for yourself your also living for the person or pet who has lost their lives. Live life to the fullest because we aren’t promised tomorrow xx and my heart goes out to all of you, god be with you all and those who are now resting in peice.

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