RIP Sydney

by Scarlet S.

I got two rats about a year ago, Sydney and Bandit. They were very playful and friendly, but Bandit being the energetic, mischievous one and Sydney the greedy one. About a week ago, Sydney stopped eating. He then began to lose his ability to walk properly, without falling or stumbling. He hardly moved at all, and he couldn’t even lay down without falling over. Last night I put him on my bed to comfort him for a while, and he was desperately struggling to get closer to me. After about an hour, I put him back in his cage, with the intention of taking him to the vets this morning. However when I came to check on him, he was stone cold and rigid. I’d lost him. I asked a few friends and they said it sounded like a stroke, I felt awful because I should’ve stayed with him all night. At least then he wouldn’t of died alone, as Bandit probably wasn’t comforting him. Later today I am going to bury him, and pick up a new friend for Bandit. He was about one and a half, hopefully this is a step forward towards a new beginning.

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