by Ven

Last year for my 14th birthday I decided to get pet rats, They were from a pet store nearby called pets at home. My mum got me 2 of them the day before my birthday and mentioned there were 2 others still at the store but she said i probably wouldn’t of liked them, I went back to the store and bought the other 2. Pets at home Didn’t know their genders, breed and age. thankfully i checked them and they were all female. 2 of them are sisters and they are dumbo rats, one of them is a Top eared rat and the other one was a little crossbred one i named Sakura. As soon is i got her she was so quiet and small, the didn’t ever run around and play like the others and she never seemed ‘right’. She Was a white rat with little black eyes, she barely grew at all and i had her for 5 months. I still have the other ones and they have always been happy. Eventually she stopped eating completely and rarely would drink water. she was constantly sleeping or laying down on the ground, I took her to the vets on the 30th of October last year, to get her put down. I got to take her home once it was over and bury her. When i went to the vets with her I took her favorite blanket and a little teddy bear she liked to comfort her, I didn’t want to go in because i would of just been crying hysterically and I just couldn’t of watched my little baby go. I’m actually starting to tear up a bit just typing this, I miss her so much. My mum told me about what happened when she went into the vets with her, the vets gave her some gas before she got the injection and that was enough to put her down. She just wasn’t strong enough to stay alive, she didn’t panic or start to walk around anywhere while the vet was getting ready, she just sat quietly in my mums hand. My mum didn’t really like them before but after Sakura was put down it changed her mind. We buried her underneath the cherry blossom tree in out garden, Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese so I though it would be a nice reminder of her in the spring when the tree blossoms.

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