by Becca

My sister and I had two rats Salvador and Dalì. We were OBSESSED with them they are like our kids. They both loved eachother so much. On September 13th it was their first birthday. Both of the rats got lice and got skinny we treated the lice and it went away. We tried so hard to plump them up but we knew it was going to take time. This week was the week of a fair in my town. U got home with my cousin to go to the fair. My mom was out and I heard my sister screaming I ran into her room. Salvador was dead. we were both crying uncontrollably. I called my mom unable to speak and shaking insanely. It’s been 2 days and I’m still crying. Dalì looks skinny also and I don’t know if my parents will allow us to get a friend for Dalì. I just hope he will be ok.

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