Saying Goodbye to Phoebe

We had Phoebe for almost three years, we are guessing her actual age is close to that. She was a very curious rat, always wanting to jump from your hands to explore…usually in places she wasn’t supposed to get to. One time she escaped my grasp and climbed into our old couch. We had to cut the back of the couch off to find her and get her out safely.
Phoebe entered her eternal slumber today. I’ve never had to put a pet down before. We petted her as she left this life, relief in knowing her pain is over yet upset because our time with her was over. My tears haven’t stopped falling.
It was time however, two large tumors had taken over her body in the matter of weeks. There was hardly any time to prepare. Our vet said removing them is possible but she may not wake from the anesthetic. Also that it doesn’t prevent more of them from popping up.
We made the decision to opt out of surgery. I didn’t want her final days stuck in pain during the recovery process, plus, what if more came about then are we to do even more surgeries and put her through even more stress!
Phoebe lived out her final days eating treats, spending time with us, and eating even more yummy food!
Ahh, it feels good to let it out. Words won’t bring her back, time heals the sting of loss, but it won’t bring her back…however, even though I will continue to cry for awhile, it is important to understand the river we cry for our lost loved ones will not bring them back either.
We love you PHOEBE, Abigail misses you so much, we all miss you so much, rest now–pain free!

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