She who chased cats.


We adopted our Sydney from a girl who just lost interest. She had been bred with sad results and I promised Miss Syd she would be safe and not have to go through that again. We were not sure how old she was but were aware their precious lives are usually short.
I would allow her to explore our bed each night and she would attract the attention of our cats. Fortunately the cats are curious and not dangerous. Sydney would run up to each one, touch noses, and then proceed to nip at toes until each cat made a hasty retreat…leaving the bed entirely to Sydney. It was fun to watch and even funnier when she caught one or two off guard!
3/18 she collapsed in her cage. I took her out, noticed staining around her nose and eyes, and very lethargic. All I could do was keep her comfortable, her life journey was coming to an end. I held her for several hours allowing her to snuggle under my chin, finding comfort and safety. At about 2 am on the 19th she finally stopped breathing and I felt her go into cardiac arrest and then it stopped. I kissed her and told her she was loved. Before any of this happened, Syd was acting absolutely fine. Active, looked healthy, eating fine, etc. While stroking her in her final hours, I found a tumor under her armpit that I had not noticed before. She was always too active to stroke and examine so its presence escaped notice.
I am so glad I was with her the entire time. She was safe, warm, comfortable, and with her human. Her grave is planted with wild flower seeds and pebbles in the shape of an S.
Saying goodbye is never easy, saying goodbye so suddenly is definitely not! She was a fun companion and friend and so spoiled. I *heart* you too.

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