by Anjana
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

I got Stuart and Splinter 7 months back. I was planning to arrange a 6 month birthday bash for them, but could not due to lack of time. I love them a lot. 2 weeks ago, I noticed a white formation inside Splinter’s eyes. I consulted the doctor over phone, and as per his saying, began to give him medicines, an eye drop and a tenth of vitamin A capsules twice a day.

However, while giving him the medicine yesterday morning, I found him lethargic, and behaving oddly. I hoped that he would be okay soon and i would come back home from office and play with him.

Later in the evening I reached home to see him dead, holding on to the bars of the cage, and stiff. Stuart was perching on the hammock I had made for them.

It broke my heart. I am still unable to understand how Splinter died, and it was even more painful to see Stuart searching madly for him, when I cleaned up the cage after I buried Splinter.

I hope I can care more for Stuart, much more than I ever have, so he does not miss his brother.

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