Starts and Ends

by Talia

Starts and Ends

Hold my hand and rest your head
Cause everything I’d say’s been said.
Not long now. Don’t be afraid.
Funny monkey, it’s okay.

Mrs. Patches, here it goes.
I like your ears and little toes.
Hi, little one. Is it okay
If I take you home today?

I’m sorry that I can’t not cry
Or tell you it’s not hard to die,
And all of this was never real,
So little booger, please don’t feel.

Fuzzbutt, I’m your mommy now.
I’d pick you up but don’t know how.
I’d like to hold her if it’s fine,
To show her that I’m hers—she’s mine.

I can’t be scared of starts and ends
To everyday you’ve been my friend.
Losing you’s so new to me.
There’s so much more we had to be.
Your sister’s here. Your brother too.
You’re not alone. We all love you.
I saw how hard you’d meant to try.
So how can I leave you behind?
Still I’m the one you try to save.
My only sunshine, sweet and brave.

Monkey girl, there’s lots to do.
I’ve got a name and home for you.
I want to get the most I can
From the year that’s in our hands.

I know it’s hard but just be still.
Take your goop and eat your fill.
You have to drink it all up or…
Chickafilla, want some more?

Nemo, it’s so nice to meet you.
Is it alright if I want to eat you?
You’ll fill my heart. I’ll kiss your tummy.
Cause those are the jobs of a rat and her mummy

What’s the matter? Why’s all the light
Left your body overnight?
I’m right here. I’ve got you. I won’t let you fall.
But when did my monkey get so small?

Nemosabe, nice to know you.
That’s why I’ll always tell and show you.
Would you like to meet my new fuzzy poo?
Yes, she’s a rat, but she won’t hold
Being human against you.
We’ve got some time, Nemo,
But let’s not waste it.
I’ve got a treat. Come here and take it.
Come on now. Don’t be afraid.
Funny monkey, it’s okay.

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