Sugar the sweetest little rattie

by Alisha
(Mississauga Ontario)

Only 7 months ago did I get my first two rats. They were both white only one had a beige head and the other a soft smoky grey. The beige I called spice and the grey i called Sugar; making them Sugar and spice. They were bought from the same litter and shared the same white marking on their head. I love them oh so much. I bought them christmas gifts; and took them for walks around my neighbourhood. Sadly though things didnt stay perfect. Over the past few weeks I had been busy with school and social life that I hadnt had much time with them. I still fed them and gave them fresh water and cleaned their cage; however I hadnt noticed something important. My rat Sugar had been very underweight. Only after I picked her up last week did I notice anything. I tried feeding her oatmeal and other fatty foods to get her weight up but she only got worse. I hadnt had any money for a vet so I stayed with her all the time. I fed her sugar water to try and help her boost her strength; but it didnt work. On Monday March 25 2013 at 7:20pm sugar passed away in my arms. I havent stopped crying since. and I cant see how I could. She was the one who stayed with me all the time. Her sister would explore but sugar was the one who stayed with me no matter where we went. She was my life; they both are. And now shes gone. I miss her terribly and have no clue how to move on. Everything reminds me of her; the cage; her sister; the office (where she died; its also where I am right now) and just about everything I hear or watch on tv too. I cand get the image out of my head as to what she looked like when she passed. She was the first pet of mine that died. Sure I had fish and i loved them too but nothing can compare to the gaping hole in my chest right now. I just hope that wherever she is shes safe happy and healthy. The thought of anything else scares me more than anything. On top of all that now I have one depressed litle rattie that wont eat or drink and is constantly to what I believe to be looking for her sister. I miss her so much; and all I want is to have her back in my arms licking my face like she always did. I want to see her again just one last time yet I know it wont happen. The feeling of the life leaving her body was a feeling I dont wish upon my strongest enemy. I feel alone, lost, hopeless and vounerable. I just hope shes at peace and that one day; when I pass I see her again. Rest in peace sugar; for you rtuly are and always will be the sweetest little rattie ever.

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